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What is it like working around the Clock?

The biggest issues with working around the both as a safety professional and as a call center agent is the changing time zones. You never know when you will piss someone off just because you are doing your job.

Currently we are recruiting for Work-from-Home Agents to service our clients and I get calls from all over the world at various times. Being able to people during this time is essential to providing them with enough confidence to know that they are supported. Everyone has this oddly ugly idea that everybody online is trying to scam them and noone is looking out for their interest and that is where we differ as a company. Life even now, I am online all day long and I get people who call and hang up or Zoom and go just because they want to know if someone is real. Well I am real and I am right here.

Meet me now if you like and get an experience

The great this is that you always have something to do, and always have a way to earn to fall back of if I fall down on hard times.


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