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Vitality Safety Group Takes a Major Step

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Partners, Clients, and Community Leaders,

                We are midway through 2020 and we have so much to tell you about.  Vitality Safety Group has taken enormous strides to find the best way to continue to service our community,  partners, and clients.  You are receiving this email because you explicitly expressed interest in our mission to provide essential training to our community and you may have utilized our services for workplace training and certification.  We would like to update you on some changes and news surrounding our business and beneficial additions to our service model that may apply to you.   

Community Service:

Over the past 30 - 60 days we have been diligently working with Fulton County Government to design a highly specific training module for employees returning to work.  The training is called "Preventing the spread of viruses in the workplace".  We are excited to announce our project is a great success and currently on the Fulton County Government website for public view.  Here is a link to the employee resources where you can find this training.

Change of Location:

We have acquired an office space in Marietta, GA to provide a more intimate and dedicated line of service for all our your needs.  Our additional address in 109 Anderson Street in the Heart of Marietta Square, Suite 505.  We have conference rooms available for training and we will be conducting training onsite.  Any employees, community members, or clients that need service are welcome to make an appointment. 

Added Preventive Measures:

Due to the recent exposure of COVID-19 we are taking extensive measures to keep you, your employees, and our community safe.  We will be providing personal protection equipment for all of our classes.  In this case, personal protection equipment will include masks.  Gloves are already part of our First Aid course so there will be no change for gloves availability during class.  All class participants for certification or for community attendance will be required to wear face covering when engaged in certification.  We have decided to continue to provide equipment during our courses as always.   

Website Makeover:

Over the course of the last few months we have received feedback from users that you wanted a simplified interface when registering for classes and finding available class times.  We have overhauled the website to include these recommendation.  We highly encourage you to take a walk through the new website.

Vitality Safety Group has gained multiple partners over the past few months, however, you are the ones who gave us our beginning, we owe our current progress to you and provide you with this information and any support we can provide to reciprocate.  Please reach out to us with any questions and concerns you have about training, safety, or preventing contamination in the workplace.  You can always go to our website and ask a question or request information through email and our new stream lined processes will help us  respond faster.

Thank you for your Support,

Kimberly and Lawrence Riddle

Vitality Safety Group

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