Frequently Asked Questions

Are all training classes at Vitality Safety Group free to attend? -Yes, all our training class, you can attend at No Cost.

Why are your training classes free to attend? -Vitality Safety Group was designed to offer training classes at no cost in order to make is easy for Anyone to attend and learn safety skills trainingwithout having to worry about an up-front cost.

What is VSG’s mission? -Our mission is to bring knowledge, understanding and the importance of CPR and other Safety Skills to our neighborhood communities. We hope to educate,train and make learning CPR fun.

What is the cost of a certification card? -Certification cards are priced different depending on the discipline or course chosen. (check our website for Certification prices)

How long are your classes? -Classes can range anywhere between 2 and 4 hours also depending on the discipline or course chosen. Also, keep in mind that class size may also depictshow long a class will run due to our instructors wanting to make sure that every student has a chance to ask questions and complete training skills assessments or exams.

Is a student handbook necessary? -Yes, a student textbook is necessary especially if you are planning to become certified. The American Heart Association (AHA) requires that for anyonewho is certified or are becoming certified has a student workbook on hand as resource material to study from before, during and after becoming CPR certified. Once you have purchased an AHA textbook make sure to always keep it near by for when you need totake a refresher or renewal course.

How long does a certification last? -CPR and Safety Skills Certifications last for 2 years.

Will your instructors travel to provide training classes? -Yes, VSG instructors will travel to your businesses, churches, facilities, and homes to provide training with certification. (Call our office at 678-902-6599or email us at and speak with an instructor to discuss details. Travel fees may be applied)

Do you give group discounts? -Yes, we do provide group discounts on group larger than 10 people. (Call our office at 678-902-6599 or email us at and speak with an instructor to discuss details.)

How often do you have classes at the YMCA? -Vitality Safety Group offers classes at the Villages of Carver YMCA every second and third Wednesdays of every month.

Can I take more than one of your classes? -Yes, you can attend any of our classes more than once.

Do I get my CPR card on the same day? -Many of our certification cards can be issued same day, however, there is a 24-48-hour wait time in issuing cards via email.

Does VSG train/hold classes in other states? -At the moment Vitality Safety Group only trains/hold classes throughout the state of Georgia.